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Whether your project is large or small, commercial or residential — we have a toilet for that. Call us today for a no-hassle quote.

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Is this the Best Flint Porta Potty Rental near me?

We think so! We pride ourselves on our high-quality portable toilet rentals as well as our commitment to customer service. We proudly serve both residential and commercial customers with the porta potty services they need to get their respective jobs done efficiently. If you are looking for a quality porta potty rental service in Flint, look no further!

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We work hard to get you the best toilet for your Flint, MI project at the best price possible.

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Happy customers are our #1 priority. We make sure to provide on-time pickup and delivery of your porta potty.
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We work hard to get you the best rate possible for your roll off portable toilet rental. Just pick up the phone for a competitive quote.
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We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Operators are standing by to help you every step of the way.
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We can provide you with any size and type of portable toilet. From basic models to deluxe restrooms, we have you covered!
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What you see is what you get. Don't get fooled by our competitors' hidden fees. We will give you a flat rate right up front.
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We often can get you a portable toilet within one to two days of ordering from us. Once you are done, we will promptly pick it up.

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Portable Toilet Rental

Sometimes we find ourselves in need of a portable toilet. Toilet rentals are often needed for large gatherings of people, events, or construction sites. In the , area, portable restrooms are often a necessity. So, how do you schedule a portable restroom or portable toilet for your special event or customer service needs? Read on below.

Flint Portable Toilet

Portable Toilet for Rent

Portable toilets, also know as porta potty's, are a necessity for many in the services and special event industries. When searching for porta potty rentals, you need to consider the following:

  • How many people will be using the portable toilet?
  • Will your portable toilet rentals be for a one day event or do you need a longer rental period?
  • Do you require extra services with your portal potty rentals, such as daily cleanings, hand washing stations, or extra toileting supplies?
  • Do you need restroom trailers, a handicap portable restroom, or basic portable toilet rentals services for your event?

What are Restroom Trailers?

Restroom trailers are similar to a camper or RV that has multiple bathroom stalls. They are popular for weddings and other event settings that require the rental of outdoor bathroom facilities. Some portable restroom trailer companies offer such fancy accommodations, from stylish designs to luxury fittings, that they are nicer than most indoor restrooms. These are most often used for corporate outings or outdoor weddings.

Flint Restroom Trailer

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How Much Does a Portable Toilet Rental Cost in Flint?

Portal potty rentals have a wide price range. When looking for a quote for your porta potty rental, be sure to call a few companies to get the best price and the best variety of options. In the United States, a single potty rental runs around $175 per day for your basic setup. Handicap porta potty rentals are upwards of $250 and a deluxe potty rental can be as much as $800 for a weekend. Depending on how long your event is, will have a high impact on your much it will cost for a potty rental.

Is it More Expensive for a Potty Rental in Flint, MI?

If you need a potty rental in the Flint area, you may be surprised at the quote you get from various companies. Most places have portaloos for hire at a similar rate as other states. The average rental quote for a basic portable loo hire in Flint is right around $175 per day, with a range of $110-210.

How Many People Can use a Porta Potty?

A basic potty rental can accommodate about 10 people per day, based on a 40 hour work week before it will require cleaning and servicing. It is highly recommended to have one porta potty for every 50 to 65 people. When considering a porta loo for hire, determine the number of people at your event or job site. If you are seeking 20 porta potties, some states require you to have at least one be handicap accessible. Check with your local rental companies to see what your state regulations are so that you are within the ADA guidelines.

How Do I Rent A Porta Potty?

Renting a porta potty is quite easy, regardless if you live in Flint or anywhere else in the country. First, determine how many toilets you will need and they types of amenities you would like included. Do you want a hand washing station? Will you need sanitation solutions, such as daily cleaning? Will a lighting source be necessary?

Then you will want to contact a company or several companies and get their rates for a toilet unit. Google, Facebook, and Twitter suggestions are all good starting places.

Finally, schedule your delivery and pickup dates. If you are unsure about site placements or the type of equipment needed, the portable toilet rental company will be able to walk you through the process.

Make sure you understand all their terms of service and what type of contract they require to be signed.

Renting a porta potty isn't hard. If you can determine what your needs are and what type of setup you want delivered ahead of time, the process will be very easy. If this is your first time renting a unit, you may have questions and the waste management companies that you contact are generally more than happy to answer anything you need to know.

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It's easy to get started.

With our help, renting a portable toilet in the Flint area is simple! Our expert Flint operators are ready to answer any questions you may have. However, some key pieces of information will help when looking to rent a porta potty: size, type, duration, and how many people will be using it. If you are not sure, not to worry. We will guide you every step of the way.

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We need to know where you would like your porta potty and for how long.

How Many People?

It is important to let us know how many people you plan on servicing with your porta potty or portable restroom, so we can get you exactly what you need.

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We cover a wide range of construction site services, such as dumpster rental in Flint.

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