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What is a Roll Off Dumpster?

Most people don't know the different between dumpsters. However, when you need one delivered, knowing the difference is extremely important. There are two main types: roll off dumpsters and front load dumpsters. While size typically differentiates they two, we will break it down a little more in depth here.

Roll-off vs Front Load Dumpsters

A roll off dumpster is a large dumpster that is typically much bigger than a front load dumpster. They require more space and room for the delivery truck to maneuver.

Overhangs cannot impede on the area that you want the dumpster delivered. You also need to have enough room for both the delivery truck and the dumpster, since the dumpster is rolled off the back of the truck as the truck pulls forward.

Roll off dumpsters are literally rolled off a large trunk and delivered. Dumpster sizes that are 15, 20, 30, and 40 yard in size are all roll-off dumpsters. They require approximately 60 feet of straight access and around 23 feet of vertical clearance.This is why 60 feet of room is necessary, the dumpster sizes roll right off the delivery truck.

Front load dumpsters take up much less room and are more compact. A dumpster that is classified as front load are 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 foot boxes. These dumpsters have a door that opens on the top and often in the front, as well. Front load dumpsters are usually delivered using forks on the front of a delivery truck or on a flat bed truck and taken off with a fork lift. They require much less room to deliver and place than a roll off dumpster.

The History of the Dumpster

In 1935, three brothers, George, Thomas, and John Dempster patented the mechanism that allowed garage trucks to dump garbage into the back of their trucks. These containers became known as dumpsters; a combination of the word dump, as in dumping the garbage, and the brothers last name.

By 1936, the word "dumpster" was first used in a commercial format, paving the way to the multi-million dollar industry that it is today. The brothers, at one time, help three different trademarks for the word dumpster, but they have all expired or been cancelled since their establishment, giving the word free use globally.

How Much Does a Roll Off Dumpster Cost?

Depending on the cubic yards of the Bay City dumpster rental you are looking to acquire, the price can be substantially different. A 10 yard dumpster will be much less expensive than a 40 yard dumpster. The types of materials you put in the dumpster can also change the dumpster prices. If you are throwing away mattresses and other items that have a surcharge, that will be a different end-price than just using the dumpster for construction debris or household junk. The weight limit can also alter the final dumpster rental price. On average a roll off dumpster rental will cost between $250 and $600, for a one-time, zero-emptying fee.

To get pricing on a garbage container rental, first you need to know what dumpster size you need. If you were to fill the back of a pickup truck with debris, that is equivalent to approximately four cubic yards. So if you think that five pickup trucks could be filled with materials, then a 20 yard dumpster would be needed.

It is always best to rent a dumpster slightly larger than you think you will need. Dumpsters cannot be filled over the edges, so you need to ensure that the container size you rent is adequate for the work you need to complete. You can always find items that can be thrown away, so get pricing on a dumpster that you think you need and on the next size up. It is almost always best to get a larger dumpster so that you don't have to pay for the dumpster to be emptied and replaced. This can cost you double your rental budget.

How Long Can You Keep a Roll Off Dumpster?

The amount of time that you can keep a roll off dumpster varies greatly from company to company and the area that you reside. Depending on supply and demand, some areas many have much shorter rental periods than other parts of the state or country. However, many companies allow you to keep a roll off dumpster for about seven days. You will want to verify this when you call and inquire about the dumpster services in your municipality.

Some companies allow you to keep the container for a second week, with no additional change, as long as you notify them, while others charge a weekly services fee. When deciding who to rent your dumpster from, ask what their rental structure looks like and if there are any extra fees associated with your rental. The company will tell you what debris can be throw in your rental container and what debris items have an additional fee associated with them.

How Do I Rent a Roll Off Dumpster?

The first think you will want to do is research all of the dumpster services in your area. Then you will want to ask what their prices are and rental length of time. From there, you need to determine what size dumpster will best meet your needs and find out what contracts the companies require when renting a roll off dumpster.

Many companies require payment up front, or at least a credit card on file. This is standard. You may be charged for the initial rental and then any additional fees may be added after the container is removed from your property. You should get an itemized bill stating what the charges assessed to you were. If you have questions, you can always call the rental company to explain the bill to you.

When looking at at dumpster rental company, be sure to ask the right questions. Find out, how long you can keep the container for, what materials can be disposed of, how much of a price difference is there between the difference size dumpsters, and what contracts are required prior to delivery. Renting a dumpster should not be a stressful and your rental company is there to walk you through the process. If you ever have questions during your rental period, or after, be sure to call the company to get the appropriate answer. The last thing you want is to be charged extra because you were afraid to ask questions.

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