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How to Rent a Dumpster


Whether you are cleaning out a basement or doing a remodeling project, renting a dumpster should be on your list of things to do. However, the process should not be painful. There are some essential items to keep in mind to help you make your rental as simple as possible.

Determining the Size Dumpster You Need

There are typically four sizes of dumpsters that you can rent:

10-yard: these are ideal for one room cleanouts or a small bathroom renovation

20- yard: typical for a basement clean-out or a roofing project

30-yard: kitchen remodels and multi-room cleanouts

40-yard: construction sites and total house remodel projects

Where You Will Place Your Dumpster

Where you are placing your dumpster is important to know before renting. You don’t want to rent a 30-yard dumpster when you only have room for a 10-yard. If you are planning on having the dumpster placed in the street, you should consult your town’s building department. You may need to get a permit for street placement, depending on the ordinances and regulation of your city.

If you are requesting the dumpster to be placed in your driveway, be sure to have the area cleared before delivery. Also, be sure to note any obstructions or oddities about the location when it is delivered.

Is there a power line that goes across your driveway? The driver of the truck carrying the dumpster may want to know this.

Does your driveway have an extreme turn, or is it pitched? This is also information that you will want to convey.

What Can Be Placed in a Dumpster

Dumpsters are great because they can be a catch-all. There are a few items that are restricted. These restrictions will be different depending on your states environmental regulations. Typical restricted items include:

  • Chemicals
  • Gasoline or fuel drums
  • Tires
  • Wet Paint
  • Oil
  • Pesticides
  • Batteries (car batteries or large-cell batteries)

Items that are always allowed include:

  • Furniture: couches, chairs, tables
  • Appliances (although hazardous fluids, like freon, must be removed)
  • Construction Materials: roofing, flooring, bricks, walls, asphalt
  • Yard Waste: tree branches, grass
  • Toys

Items like televisions and mattresses fall into a gray area; these vary state to state. You can also ask your rental company what items are restricted when you order your dumpster.

How Long Can You Rent a Dumpster?

Many rental companies allow you a 30-day rental period. Some are rented week to week, however. Make sure you know what the companies policies are regarding rental periods. If you need more time than is allowed, be sure to be clear upfront. There may be a no-charge extension, or there may be a fee for additional weeks. You will want to know this in advance.

If you are only using your dumpster for a couple of days, ask if you can get a discount. If it is their busy season, they may provide you with one for the fast turn around.

Also, some companies allow you to request the dumpster to be emptied during your rental. While most charge a fee, many companies do allow one or more empties during the rental period.

If you are not sure if you will need the dumpster to be emptied, and you are potentially pushing the amount of materials that you can fit in one size dumpster, it is best to rent the next size up. The last thing you want is a bill for double the quoted fee because you ran out of space and needed to request an emptying.

How Much Will a Dumpster Rental Cost?

Some companies use a fixed rate while others use a variable rate.

Variable weights are based on weight. This can be a risky game to play, depending on your project. If given an option, a fixed rate is best if you aren’t entirely sure what you are getting into for your particular job. If you’ve done cleanouts before, and know approximately how much you are unloading, you can see if a variable rate would save you any money.

Depending on what you throw away, there may be hidden fees. If you throw a mattress in your dumpster, there will most likely be disposable fees tacked onto your bill as mattresses are typically restricted.

Find out ahead of time if there are charges for any additional items.

Get Multiple Quotes

Getting a variety of quotes is best when it comes to dumpster rentals. Some national companies may be able to offer you a better rate because they serve a greater area. On the same note, they may be higher priced because they go with a generic scale rather than by region.

Smaller companies can have the same pros and cons on their list. They may charge more because they are smaller. However, the cost could be less because they understand the income levels of the towns in which they serve.

You can call around and ask for a quote or use our easy-to-use platform to give you a variety of quotes and take that burden off your shoulders.

Hauler Reputation

If others have had a bad experience with a rental, you will want to know what happened. Sometimes disputes come down to a difference of opinion. Other times a company just does not have good customer service. Check out our reviews section to see what others have said about rental companies in your area. You can also look to online sources, such as Yelp, for user feedback.

How Do I Schedule a Pickup of My Dumpster?

Most companies either give you a pickup date or ask you to call when you are ready for the dumpster to be removed. If you need more time, you can call and state that you would like an extension. There may or may not be a fee for this, but you also don’t want to have to order another dumpster to finish the job.

Pickup is just as easy as delivery. The roll-off containers are attached to a trailer with a winch and pulled onto the truck. If you have an unusual driveway, be sure to remind the company when you schedule your pickup. This will save time with getting the dumpster removed from your property.

Renting a dumpster does not have to be burdensome. With this easy rental guide, you can streamline the process and spend your energy on your renovation or clean out project.

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