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Dumpster Regulations


Dumpster rentals sometimes require permits, depending on the regulations of the city and state where you reside. While some locations require permits for permanent placements, such as those for commercial use, others require permits even for temporary use. Here is how to check if you need a permit and go about obtaining one for a dumpster rental.

Who Needs a Permit?

Permits for temporary dumpsters are usually only required if you don’t have a private driveway to place the roll-off container. If you plan on having a dumpster placed on any of the below, you may need a permit:

  • Street
  • Sidewalk
  • Public property
  • Common property
  • Municipal property

Depending on your cities regulations, sometimes the ownest is on the party renting the dumpster while others require the company renting the dumpster to pull the permit. You can ask the rental company if there are known permit requirements before renting or contact your town hall.

Who Issues Permits for Dumpsters?

Depending on the rules and regulations of your town, most permits are issued through the building department. If there is another entity in charge of issues dumpster permits, the building department can point you to the appropriate office. It is best to call and verify who needs to issue the permit, before heading to the town hall to save yourself some time and trouble.

If you live in a condo or homeowners association, you may need permission from them, as well. You can talk to your homeowner's association or condo association president to find out the exact requirements.

The Cost of a Permit

The cost of a permit varies significantly between cities and states. It is best to contact your town hall or dumpster rental company to find out what the fees are, before renting your dumpster. If the dumpster company is responsible for pulling the appropriate permits, they will include these fees in the rental agreement.

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